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Le Cabinet de Psychothérapie Familiale can help children, teenagers and adults.


Whatever the nature or the importance of your problems, be they personal, relational or professional, Jane Lovell, psychologist and relational psychopractioner is there to help you.

Consultations can be in the consulting room or by telephone, skype (webcam), and last at least for an hour.

The therapist helps an individual, couple or family to explore and put into practice different types of intervention in order to establish a new way of communicating.

She is also interested in helping you to develop new skills for dealing with stress and the difficulties encountered in life.

The method MBSR: the practice of mindfulness, enables one to regain good health and well being.

The therapy is focused on successfully overcoming your problems. The objective is to help you find your inner resources so that you can activate solutions to your troubles.



12, Place du Coq


Tél. : 33 (0)6 80 15 89 11